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Clarke Property Services Doncaster Logo

Clarke Property Services are a Doncaster based Property Maintenance service. We helped then develop their new logo and created their website.

Sam at icansavealife has been a friend of JJ for over 13 years. We’ve helped with their leaflets, roll-up banners and student workbook, and have many more exciting projects in the pipeline!

We were asked to help Julie create an attractive website and booking system for her new Home Snagging website. We also designed their logo.

We started our career at Balby Carr Community Sports & Science College, which went on to become Astrea Academy Woodfields after we left. We were initially approached by the Head of Sixth Form to create an open evening leaflet, and since then we’ve worked on multiple projects including prospectus, letterhead, roll-up banners, posters and banners.

West Melton’s website was in urgent need of a refresh when we were approached to re-design it. We worked with the Headteacher to create an appealing, easy to use website.

We have been a firm supporter of MCC from their inception in 2018. Since then we have developed their logo, website, business card, gift vouchers, loyalty cards, multiple leaflets, van design and social media templates, amongst other things.

We’ve known Antiquity for as long as we can remember. We initially created several newspaper adverts for local publications. Since then we re-designed the Doncaster based company’s website.

Our favourite way to earn new clients – word of mouth! We were asked to create a website for a new Eco Pod venture based in Doncaster.

Reece approached us to initially create a new logo, which we were more than happy to do. We then moved on to a new website for the newest football coaching professional in Doncaster.

We’ve worked with Noble Living recently to create some double-sided promotional leaflets.

Having worked with the Sixth Form, the assistant Principal of the main school approached us to help with some promotional and rewards schemes. We’ve designed materials such as attendance posters, roll-up banners and rewards postcards.

We worked with Devon’s Kitchen as they were starting out with their new takeaway restaurant in Bentley, Doncaster. We designed menus, posters and gift vouchers, as well as their logo and website.

We’ve worked with David at e7 Electrical for a couple of years now. In that time we’ve created leaflets, adverts, informational graphics email banners and a redesigned logo.

We’d love to add you to our list!